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In 2002, I was named Scoutcraft Director at the Bert Adams Scout Reservation in Covington, Ga. That year, there was a pioneering project competition at the camp, and I was excited to be heading it up. However, at the time, the only project I knew was how to build a ballista. Not a very exciting prospect, to say the least. So I began to search the internet for pioneering recources. I found two. I searched the library at Harvard (none), and I searched the BSA national catalog (the pioneering merit badge pamphlet has a few projects, but not many. The Boy Scout Handbook has six.) The best resource I found, on-line, was the Hurricane District Pioneering Projects Page. The best off-line resource I found was John Sweet's Scout Pioneering. This was a situation that needed that needed to be dealt with. So I decided to put the collection from the HDPPP into a Microsoft Word document to make it easier for people to access that resource. Then, I decided that more needed to be done. There needs to be one place where people can go to find all that they need to know about Pioneering. With that as my goal, was born. My task is far from completed, but I hope that, in the future, it will be all that it can be.

If you have any suggestions, contributions, projects, comments, whatever, I would love to hear about them. Please e-mail them to me, and I will include them.

A note on copyrights: All of the images on this page that have not obviously been designed by me (i.e. those that do not have to do directly with the site) are, as far as I can tell, in the public domain. I do not know who owns the copyright, nor do I claim to own the copyright. If you own the copyright and would like for your work to be removed from the site, please e-mail me. This site links extensively to other sites, as my goal is not to serve as a central depository, but, rather, as a link resource (eventually, I hope to serve some depository function; I do have a few files stored here, but that is more for ease of use than of a depository); the material that is off site (and it is pretty obvious when it is) is by their respective owners. All of the material is 2001-2005, All Rights Reserved.

Acknowledgements: When this site was launched, there was only two sizeable resources of pioneering projects: the HDPPP and the ScoutBase UK Pioneering Site. I have borrowed significantly from their resources (though I have simply added links to the images I have used from their sites; all pioneering images stored on this site are not on either of those two sites), and am indebted to them. I would like to give special thanks to HDPPP and Doug Roach for encouraging me to pursue the electronic collection of projects that led to this website.

Image Credits: All images marked with a were drawn by Luis Moran.
  I hope to add more credits in the following days. If you know where credit is due, tell me!






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